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Return and Exchange Procedures

Procedures not for EBay Customers.

Note..If you received a Free Shipping offer and send an item back for a refund, the actual shipping charge will be subtracted from the refund.

  1. Pack equipment loosely to prevent wrinkling – DO NOT CRUSH
  2. Sparring gear must be return in a box not a paper envelope
  3. Leave straps unfastened not wrapped around it.
  4. Enclose your order # or Shopper ID #
  5. If payment for return shipping is not included then we will charge the return shipping to your original credit card.

What You May Return
You may return new merchandise suitable for resale; this does not include anything that has been washed, worn, altered, or soiled or damaged.

What You Can’t Return
Merchandise not suitable for return includes:

  • Merchandise that has been worn

  • Merchandise that has been washed

  • Merchandise that has been altered, soiled, or damaged

  • Anything that smells like Cigarette Smoke.

  • Items covered in Pet Hair.

  • Discontinued merchandise

  • Sparring equipment that is packed too tightly or with straps wrapped around it , which

permanently changes the shape or smooth surface of the products

  • Customized products and special order items.

  • DVD's, Videos or Music.

  • Merchandise you have had over 30 days.

  • Weapons unless defective.

  • Personal Items such as cups, mouth pieces and supporters.

We will replace or refund if uniforms are still in new condition and must still have original package within 30 days.

***Do NOT do a Return to Sender on punching bags.  These are drop ship items and RTS will send them to the incorrect company. It will slow down refunds by several weeks.

Exchange Procedures.

  • A RA or Return Authorization is not necessary.

  • Mail the item back to us.

  • Enclose a note telling us what you would like to exchange it for.

  • Enclose your Order number or Shopper ID number.

  • If you paid by credit card originally then we will charge the return shipping to your

original credit card.

  • If you paid by Amazon or PayPal then please send a check for $8.99

(Contiguous US Customer Only) for return shipping.

  • If you are in a hurry and can't wait to send this back and then us mail your exchange then

you may buy a new item and send this back the exchange for a full refund with no

restock fee.  Just enclose the new order number on the exchange and a note telling us this is what you are doing.

  • Please fold your clothing and uniforms.

  • All returns must have original packaging.



Return Procedures

  • Mail the item back to us and enclose your original order number.

  • Refunds will be issued back to your original credit card, Amazon or PayPal


  • Please fold up uniforms and clothing.

  • A 20% restock fee is charged if you are returning an item for refund.

  • All return must have original packaging.



Black Belt Shop Returns

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Cancelation of orders

  • We are not able to cancel an order after it is placed.  Once it is placed it is 

charged immediately and printed and sent to processing.

  • You will have to follow normal return procedures after it is placed. is your source for Karate Supplies, Martial Arts Equipment & Kung Fu Supplies

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